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Despite what you may fear, couples are often able to divorce through a simple and inexpensive process. We can take care of your Uncontested Divorce by preparing all the paperwork, making all the filings, communicating with the other party, and representing you in court to finalize the case--all for a low flat-fee. We handle all the work, making this the simplest option for most people. Once you decide to proceed, your case can be opened right away--often the same day! 

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When the issues of your divorce can be resolved by agreement you avoid a great deal of time, trouble and--most of all--expense! We help you keep the costs way down with our low flat-rates: for example, we can take care of a case without children for as low as $850 (plus filing fees and costs, for an all-inclusive total of $1,200). Every situation is a little different, and filing fees vary by County, so let's talk about your case today!

We are committed to making your Uncontested Divorce as affordable as possible. You can get started immediately with a down payment as low as $700, which gets your case open and on file. You shouldn't have to wait to file for divorce just because of an attorney's high retainer fee.

Our convenient credit/debit card payments give you more control over your cash flow, and still allow you to get started right away. You can make monthly payments, or you can save even more by paying our all-inclusive fee in a single payment.

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You've probably already done the hardest part, so it is understandable that you don't want to drag the process out any longer than necessary. We can help you get your case open on the same day you contact us!

Remember that there is a 60-day Waiting Period for divorce in Texas, so we will work with the parties to make sure your case is ready to be finalized as soon as possible. Uncontested Divorce can be finalized on a much faster schedule than contested cases, so the best way to get finished quickly is to present agreed divorce documents to the Court.


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